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Many married women seem to be living a double life of sorts. Despite the fact that they are one of two parents in a household, they have taken on the responsibility of single-parenting. They’re the...

The Common Sense of Homeschooling
I am a mother of nine children. If that isn't crazy enough, I also homeschool them. Some might say that is insanity. But I say, it is just common sense.

Special Delivery: When Your Baby is In the NICU
Labor and delivery is supposed to be a magical time. No doubt, even the best experiences are still painful and often include hours of hard work! Occasionally, babies enter the world under special c...

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Cleaning with a baby can be hectic and stressful. You may feel that you never get anything accomplished! First and foremost, these tips are especially useful for the ages of 2 months until mobili...

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Having a baby is one of the most joyful experiences in a mother and father’s lives. While the overall emotions are those of happiness and excitement, having a baby is also a stressful, overwhelmi...

The Baby Budget: How To Keep Family Finances in Order
One of the greatest concerns parents have before having a baby is how they are going to be able to feed another hungry mouth! While this concern is valid, there are may ways to save pennies while w...

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